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At Three To Tri we focus on working with people to understand how their nutrition helps them to achieve their health, fitness and personal goals

Personal Change and Transformation

Nutrition is just one variable in a persons life although it plays a hugely important role in helping you to personally grow, develop and succeed.

At Three to Tri we are passionate about the role that nutrition plays in your life and the effect it can have to enhance your health, performance and overall confidence.

Through individual focused consultations we concentrate on providing evidence based advice to create an approach that fits with your lifestyle, to give you the knowledge and all the tools to reach your version of success.

1-2-1 Coaching

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I have found working with Neil very inspirational.  He has shared elements of his own journey that have helped motivate me.  The fact that Neil is able to talk from his own experience, successes and setbacks brings a pragmatic humbling reality to his approach.

I would highly recommend working with Neil, whether you are looking for some guidance on what to do, knowledge about what’s important, or motivational support to keep you going.

6 weeks since first meeting with Neil, I have lost 4 kg in weight and I feel like I have taken my future into my own hands and I am clear about what I need to do.  I do have setbacks at times, but have stopped beating myself up as I realise that with a focus on my enduring goals and knowledge of what to do, then this is a lifelong marathon and not a cyclical short term sprint.


John Eaton

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